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Since its inception in 1987, the firm strives to consistently deliver value through an interactive, collaborative and multi–disciplinary work methodology. By means of a work plan at the core of every project, and a “Do it once at the right time code” to track deliverables, precise cost projections enable the closure of most projects within 5% of the initial cost estimates, thereby ensuring a high rate of client retention and a long-term working relationship.
By embracing the Clients’ brief, requirements and suggestions along with the application of internal knowledge base and expertise, SWBI is driven by Excellence in Design and Best Business Practices to ensure contented Clients and sustainable growth year on year. Adherence to this simple philosophy has helped SWBI in generating tremendous amount of repeat business from existing Clients, some of who have been converted to pan-India mandates. At SWBI, clients come first at all times.



With an array of Award-winning Projects and design competitions, SWBI has been delivering high quality design consistently across all projects over the past two decades. Delivering Value and Quality through Design to its Users, is the rasion'de etre for SWBI to exist. We strive to create Superior environments through simplistic principles: 
  • A simple, yet accurate Program, that meets the Client's needs. 
  • A Central Idea for the Project that becomes the Soul of the Design Concept. 
  • Keeping the Big Idea consistent, and retaining it, and eventually aligning all aspects of the design accordingly. 
  • Incorporating sustainable and socially relevant Design features. 
  • Last, attempting to always move beyond Problem-solving and creating delightful and inspiring Architecture.


SWBI's award-winning work, especially in the interior design domain is due to the creative, efficient and inclusive approach to Design, thus ensuring that the client gets the highest quality of Design at the lowest cost. Adhering to a design specific guiding philosophy, in creating Environments that: 
  • Are developed with efficient Design strategies with exciting and flexible solutions. 
  • Facilitate productivity, collaboration, improved retention and low real estate costs. 
  • Cater to the client's unique requirements and preferences including a Facilities Program. 
  • Are fully compliant with highest standards of code & safety standards. 
  • Build Brands; by Reflecting the Organization's culture, identity and values
Sustainable Design


Understanding and Integrating contextual relevance, programmatic brief, Structure & MEP Services with the Design Intent is the hallmark of all SWBI’s Projects, where Sustainability is rooted at the core. With in-house LEED compliant design capability, SWBI takes pride in having implemented the maximum number of LEED-certified interior projects in various categories and continue to do so. The SWBI team has an expertise in handling large greenfield projects (with project value of over INR 10,000 crores), and has successfully completed over 30 million sq ft of space in the workplace design segment.


Design and Build

SWBI brings to our Clients, the Best in the Class Design &  Best in Class Execution - together as a Single Team, under a Single Banner and hence a Single Point of Delivery. 

The Concept of offering Single Stop solutions is to offer and provide unique Value to our discerning Customers, thereby create invaluable Assets for all our Projects at lowest cost. 

We have virtually no dependency on any external Agency as we are the single source of accountability.  This has following distinct advantages:

  1. By engaging us Client enjoys the advantage of having the best in class design & execution at single level of Profit mark-up. Hence our guarantee is to deliver Projects at the lowest cost for specified set of specifications / materials. 

  2. Guaranteed On-Time Project delivery, due to our In-house capability as the designer and systems integrator.

  3. Guaranteed Quality Fit & Finish as the designer and systems integrator., due to our own Factory and Tarde Craftsmen to execute the Work.



Engineering services are offered by SWBI for the entire range of Building types. The scope of work extends from simple Due Diligence to complete Engineering Design and Documentation. The Services offered: 
  • Are Robust, reliable and tested, while being cost-effective for the complete life of the Building. 
  • Follow the highest standards of health and safety for its Users. 
  • Follow regulatory and Code compliance. 
  • Integrates and enhances the overall Building and Interior design.
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